Lindsay graduated from LSU in 2013 with a degree in Communications/Public Relations and a minor in Business. She started job searching during her last semester in college and continued after graduation. But, businesses were looking for experience (especially in her field) and she became discouraged. One day she woke up and decided "if no one will hire me, I will hire myself" and started her own business at age 21.

She started making everything on her own at first. Then she later
contracted with a US manufacturer as she grew because she felt it important to have her designs USA made.

In 2016, after a few years in business
growing from headbands and band-os into more apparel pieces she re-branded the company name from "Bandin'" to "S-A-Y". This name came from her always having to explain to people her name is spelled "Lind-S-A-Y" (instead of s-e-y) - which is all about SAYing how you feel and expressing your self confidence through your clothing!